Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sushi Core

It's been over a week since I've posted, and I owe that to final exam culture...
Before I give you my recipe, I've got to give a recap...
The desk across from me at library
Check out that kettle!

At Lehigh, finals week = students residing in the library 24/7. This includes pillows, blankets, crying, coffee, coffee brewing machines in laptop outlets, hot water kettles in laptop outlets, moving out of dorms to move into library, etc.

So I came home for a little to study in a more relaxed environment. My study guides came with me to ballet class uptown, the Great Lawn at Central Park (and they got to see Belvedere Castle), and then witnessed the creation of this "sushi core" in my kitchen at home. My study guides are definitely less stressed out here. They also had a great time sightseeing and getting culture. Not to mention, I had fun, too.
study guides in hallway at ballet
May flowers...

belvedere castle

Makes about 5:
Ingredients: 10 small nori seaweed sheets, 1 red bell pepper, 1 avocado, tsp sesame seeds, 5 sheets rice paper

1. Slice 1 red bell pepper into strips and 1 avocado into wedges

2. Put sheet of rice paper under warm water and add 2 sheets nori onto it. Then add some avocado and pepper and wrap it up.

3. Continue making rolls until there's no more avocado and pepper

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