Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pelletier's Salad

One person who would definitely appreciate this salad is Pierre-Joseph Pelletier (back when he was alive, of course), the French chemist who isolated chlorophyll. Making a salad high in chlorophyll content is not usually the intention that people normally have when cooking….but recently I was inspired after a daring, bold city experience:

My friend Caraline and I went to take ballet classes and saw an interesting place called "Organic Avenue," so we went in. Tiny shot-sized bottles of different colored liquids (looked like one of my chemistry labs actually) lined the shelves of their fridge area. It took us a pretty long time to choose which to try. It was like when I was younger and my mom would allow my brother and I to each choose 4 pieces of candy from the candy store (one gummy bear equalled one piece, so the bag was maybe .00126% full when we went to weigh it…), and we were so indecisive. But this was a healthier candy store. We decided to be brave and take a shot of chlorophyll after class… Tasted very strange, but for all of the benefits (including a green mouth), it was worth it: blood cleanser and producer, maintains pH balance, protects against cancer, antioxidant rich, oxygenates cells, and so much more… I made this chlorophyll-rich salad! (And red bell peppers used to be green, so that counts!)

Ingredients: 1 diced bell pepper, 1/2 cup dark red kidney beans, 1 cup romaine lettuce or mixed greens, 1 cup spinach, handful basil, juice of 1 lime, tsp sesame seeds

1. Add cup of lettuce and spinach to large salad bowl and top with diced bell pepper, kidney beans, and basil

2. Add tsp sesame seeds and lime juice to dress it

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