Friday, May 9, 2014

Not Pizza

Not Pizza, 2014 style
The last time I remember eating pizza (or some version of it) with actual tomatoes and wheat, was in the summer of 2010. This was a few years before being diagnosed with wheat allergy and fructose malabsorption, but back then I was already dairy free. It was at surfing camp in Herzliya, Israel, and for lunch that day we each made a mini pizza with dough we made, tomato sauce, olives, and cheese (no cheese for me). This was actually pretty healthy- no grease and pretty natural. I remember having a hard time explaining to my friends [in Hebrew] that I couldn't have milk, so I would not be having cheese on my pizza. The counselors were confused as well, and wouldn't call my creation "pizza," so I gave in and called it "not pizza." I even found some pictures from camp on Facebook (I'm wearing a black rash guard):

(Summer 2010 Herzliya, Israel)
Definitely gave us some energy (I'm on the right)!

Now that I can't have wheat or tomatoes, I should call this recipe not not not pizza, but for simplicity I'll just leave it at "not pizza." Check out my "Not Tomato Sauce" recipe to help make this delicious "Not Pizza!"

To make 4 small slices:
2 Slices tolerated bread, topping of choice (I used olives and peppers), 3 tbsp "Not Tomato Sauce", tsp olive oil

1. Cut each piece of bread in half and lay on aluminum foil

2. Drizzle tsp olive oil over the pieces

3. Spread 3/4 tbsp of sauce on each mini piece

4. Put topping as you wish

5. Put in a convection or toaster oven until bread is crisp- I put it in on 350F for about 4 minutes in a convection oven

6. ENJOY!!!

7. Go surfing?!

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